12 Augustus 2019 – Many new names to be added in the SCHUTTERIJ and SAILORS sections

Additional research in the National Archives in Willemstad and The Hague have provided appr. 50 new names of Schutters and 200 new names of Sailors. In the coming period they will be added to the existing names.

26 Augustus 2017 – The propeller of tanker ORANJESTAD on display in BOY ECURY park on Aruba

The LAGO tanker Oranjestad was torpedoed by the German U-boat U-156 on 16 February 1942, in front of the LAGO refinery, Aruba. The ship was sunk in this attack, but the wreck was discovered in 2009. On 18 april 2009, the divers Percy Sweetnam, Dick de Bruin, Rigo Hoenkamp, Andre Loonstra, Toine van der Klooster and Paulus Martijn brought the propeller of the Oranjestad to the surface. Recently an initiative was started for a Boy Ecury park in Oranjestad, named after the well known Aruban WW2 resistance fighter Boy Ecury. The propeller is given a prominent place there. This was achieved after much work by the SS Oranjestad Memorial Committee, chaired by the Aruban historian Dufi Kock. Soon the park will be officially opened. Please go and take a look if you are on the island of Aruba.

The propeller in its new location in the park (photo courtesy of Mr. Des Ridderstap)

6 April 2017 – Added a new section VRIJWILLIGERS KORPS

Included the names of all known VKA (Vrijwilligers Korps Aruba) members. The other islands will follow later.

20 March 2017 – Added a new section SAILORS

Added the names of Antillean sailors from all six islands. The research on this section is not yet complete.

12 September 2016 – Redesigned the website

To make the addition of thousands of names possible (see also newsitem below), the website needed to be upgraded. The new version is now ready and released.

10 September 2016 – Added a new section SCHUTTERS

Thousands of young men from the Antillean islands were called to serve in the Schutterij during the war. Their names should be remembered, for their efforts kept our islands safe. This section is very large and will take some time to complete.

19 August 2016 – Memorial USS Erie erected at Piscadera Bay

USS Erie monument

On the beach of Piscadera Bay (Curaçao), where the survivors of the torpedoed United States Navy gunboat USS Erie came ashore on 12 November 1942 (see also USS Erie page), a monument has been erected in their honour. It is a large mooring block, donated by the Royal Netherlands Navy.
This monument has been a longtime wish of the Battle Station Blaauw, Force Curaçao 1942 foundation. Now, from left to right, Allan van der Ree, Jozef Zimmerman and Eveline van der Ree see their wish come true. Well done!

6 July 2016 – Added 14 Schutters and members of the Vrijwilligerskorps Curaçao in the section OTHER VICTIMS

During the war 26 military men from the Schutterij, Vrijwilligerskorps Curaçao, Netherlands Army, Navy and Military Police lost their lives on Aruba and Curaçao. Young men from Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, the Netherlands and Surinam, who proudly served to defend the Antillean islands during WW2. Their names are Antoinette, Appeldoorn, Audier, Beckhoven, Charmes, Daal, Doelman, Fernan, Giribaldi, Gouw, v.d.Haagen, Koenraad, Kostelijk, Lucas, Maduro, Martina, Michel, Narain, Pietersz, Pinas, Ras, Sint Jago, Stellinga, Weigle, Wiersma and Wolfschoon.

They will not be forgotten.

20 June 2016 – Added a new section OHK

Antillean seamen who worked on merchant vessels were eligible for the “Oorlogsherinneringskruis (OHK)”, if they had served at sea for more then six months during WW2. This War Remembrance Cross was presented to many young men who had risked their lives over and over again in those perilous days.

This new section provides an overview of the Antillean seamen who received the OHK.

4 May 2016 – An additional nameplate at the WW2 Monument in Willemstad

The original nameplate on the war monument in Willemstad, Curaçao. (photo Allan van der Ree)
The original nameplate on the war monument in Willemstad, Curaçao. The additional names are added on a new plate below. (photo Allan van der Ree)

On 4 May 2016 a new nameplate was added below the existing nameplates on the WW2 Monument at the Waaigat in Willemstad. With it, more than 30 additional Antillean war victims have been added to the existing 129 names.

This picture below shows the new nameplate in greater detail.

Monument Curacao2

9 November 2015 – Added a new section SURVIVORS

In the attacks by U-boats and Luftwaffe aircraft against merchant vessels, many ships were damaged and sunk. Sadly there were victims of these attacks, but other seamen survived the ordeal.

This new section provides an overview of Antillean seamen who survived a German attack at sea.

12 July 2015 – Thank you Guera na Kòrsou?!

Poster Gnk

A large group of dedicated people and organisations have come together on Curaçao and decided to organise a number of events to commemorate the fact that 2015 marks the 70th year after the end of WW2. Their combined efforts were extremely important in the process of bringing the war years to the attention again of the population of Curaçao.

This group of fantastic people also were crucial in bringing the 38 new victims into the forefront of attention, which ultimately led to the recognition by the Government of Curaçao (see next newsitem). Thank you very much for your dedicated work!


As one of the major events of this group, the exhibition – Guera na Kòrsou?! War in Curaçao 1940-1945 – was opened in the Curaçao Museum on 3 May 2015. At the closing day on 12 July, almost 5.000 visitors had been welcomed. Congratulations on this great success!

Naamplaat met GnK

12 July 2015 – 38 Antillean Warvictims recognised by the Government of Curaçao


During an impressive ceremony in the garden of the Curaçao Museum in Willemstad, a nameplate was revealed by the Minister of Education Irene Dick (left) and Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning Suzy Camelia-Römer (right).

On the plate were 38 names of Antillean victims of World War 2, born on all six islands, that were until now not mentioned on the National Monument at the Waaigat. Work will now begin on a bronze nameplate, that will have all 166 names of victims on it.

At a later date this nameplate will replace the original plate on the monument, so that we are able to honor all our warvictims. The names and background on all 166 victims can be found in the WARVICTIMS section.

9 July 2015 – Added a new warvictim and six photos

An additional warvictim has been identified, with help of his relatives. Angelo Jesurun has been added as the 38th new warvictim. Also photos have been added of the warvictims Boekhoudt, J.C. Coffi, A.C.P. Coffi, Muller, Rosalina and E.O. Winklaar.

8 December 2014 – Added five survivors

I have added the survivors ANGELA, JULIANA, NISSA and SARAGOSSA from s.s. MEDEA (attacked on 12 August 1942) and SCHOTBORGH from m.s. DRACO (attacked on 5 August 1942).

4 September 2014 – Added extra pages with Name Index and Survivors

To make it easier to find persons on the site, I have added a Name Index with all the relevant names. Also I added the new page Survivors, containing Antillean seamen who survived German attacks on their ships.

14 April 2014 – Publication date 5 May 2014

The book is ready and will be available from 5 May onwards. See for more information ‘The Book’.

10 March 2014 – Warcharts improved

The warcharts are modified and improved. They now show the latest information on all significant war events around the islands.

2 September 2013 – Guestbook online

The guestbook is now online again, and much improved!

15 July 2013 – Three new events in the War Charts

Research has led to three new war incidents that were added to the War Charts. 13d is an attack by U-502 on a Lake tanker on 17 February 1942, but the torpedo misses. 18 is a gun duel between U-502 and a merchant vessel on 25 February 1942. It ends undecided and without damage, the merchant gets away. 51 is an attack on U-539 with depth bombs by a USN Martin Mariner aircraft on 12 June 1944. The submarine escapes.

14 July 2013 – Guestbook temporarily offline

The guestbook is under modification and will be online soon again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

12 June 2013 – Photos added of a number of victims

I am trying to find photos of the victims. Today I added pictures in the Warvictims-, Aircraft accidents-, Submarine attack- and Other Victim sections.

Please help me find other photos of victims and send me a message if you have one.

4 May 2013 – The sword of Lieutenant Ned James WENTZ (USS Erie) returned after 71 years!

Very recently the daughter of U.S. warvictim Ned J. Wentz received the sword of her father. It was lost when his ship USS Erie was torpedoed on 12 November 1942 and he lost his life(see USS Erie on this website).

The sword was found by a diver, who has tried all these years to find a relative of LT. Wentz. The fascinating story can be watched on the website of the Tallahassee Democrat (